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Lost & Found Birds

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Lost and Found Birds


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Lost a Bird?

Pet birds sometimes escape. If the bird is tame it is likely that someone will find it and look for the owner.
If you loose a bird that has no leg band you can put up posters around the area etc.

Be prepared. A leg band with your details can help a lost bird find it's way back home faster.
Closed leg rings can be put on baby birds or split leg rings on older birds.

A phone number on the leg ring makes it easy for you to be identified and to receive a phone call.

Order leg rings with your phone number printed.

Found a Bird?

Check the birds leg for clues about who the owner might be.
Bird breeders and bird owners sometimes put leg bands on the legs of their birds.
The leg band might have numbers and initials. This will help to identify the bird but is hard to identify the owner.

If the band includes a phone number you will be able to contact that number for more information.


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