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Instructions how to put on open bird rings and closed bird leg bands

Plastic Bird Leg Bands


Open bird leg banding instructions
for applying plastic open split bird leg bands / bird leg rings.

1. Application tool with bird band. 2. Hold the bird's leg. 3. Tool along side the leg.
4. Slide bird band onto leg 5. Check that bird band is closed.  

Closed leg banding instructions
for applying closed bird leg bands / bird leg rings.

Use closed bird bands on birds that are still in the nest around 9 days old, while their foot is still small enough to fit through the bird band.
Hold the bird's leg. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the bird's foot.
Hold the front toes together and slide them through the bird band. If they don't slip through, the bird might be too old to use a closed bird band.
Continue sliding the bird band over the back toe. If it gets caught you can use a toothpick or similar tool to help pick it through.
Check that the bird band does not fall off. Check that the toes are not injured.

Metal Bird Leg Bands

Open bird leg ringing instructions
for applying aluminium & stainless steel metal open split bird leg bands / bird leg rings.

Place the bird ring in pliers with the bird ring opening facing towards the open front of the pliers.
Place the opened bird ring over the birds leg, between the birds knee and ankle.
Close the pliers until the ends of the bird ring meet together.
To finish closing the bird ring and to make a round shape, turn the bird ring 90 degrees so that the opening faces the side of the pliers.
Close the pliers until the shape of the bird ring is round. Do not squash the bird ring too far onto the birds leg.

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