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Vetafarm Bird Products


Bird Food
Vetafarm Bird Products - Australia

Vetafarm Bird Products - United States


Bird Dietary Supplements

Vetafarm Bird Dietary Supplements

Breeding Aid 500ml - vitamin supplement

Calicivet 50ml -
calcium and vitamin D3
Calcivet 250ml
Calcivet 500ml

Multivet 100ml -
includes moulting aid. Essential vitamins & Minerals
Multivet 1 Litre

Poly Aid Plus 500gm -
provides critical nutrients to sick or stressed birds

Probiotic 90gm -
establishes and maintains normal gut flora

Soluvet 100gm -
essential Vitamins for birds

Spark Liquid Concentrate 125mls -
carbohydrate and electrolyte replacement
Spark Liquid Concentrate 500mls

Bird Food

Vetafarm Bird Food

Blossom Nectar 500mls - for nectar eating birds

Critta Care Avian 450gm -
to support sick & injured birds

Macaw Nuts 2kg -
complete diet for macaws & other large parrots
Macaw Nuts 10kg

Nutriblend Breeder Pellets Small 2kg -
complete and balanced colourful pellets for parrots
Nutriblend Pellets Small 2kg
Nutriblend Pellets Small 10kg
Nutriblend Pellets Mini 2kg
Nutriblend Pellets Mini 10kg
Nutriblend Pellets Large 1.6kg
Nutriblend Pellets Large 8kg

Parrot Essentials 350g -
complete nutrition for parrots
Parrot Essentials 2kg
Parrot Essentials 10kg

Deli-Stix Small Parrot Perfection Treat 100g -
a great treat for birds
Deli-Stix Best of Both Worlds 100g

Deli-Treats 500gm -
treat for parrots
Deli-Treats 2.5kg

Finch and Budgie Crumbles 450gm -
nutrition for pet and breeding finches and budgies
Finch and Budgie Crumbles 2kg
Finch and Budgie Crumbles 10kg

Golden Lori Rice Formula 450gms -
for Lori's and Lorikeets
Golden Lori Rice Formula 2kg

Insecta Pro 450gms -
for insect eating birds
Insecta Pro 2kg

Nectar Pellets 350gms -
balanced diet for lorikeets
Nectar Pellets 2kg

NeoCare 450gm -
hand feed baby birds
Neocare 2.5kg

Parrot Breeder Pellets 350gm -
for breeding parrots
Parrot Breeder Pellets 2kg
Parrot Breeder Pellets 10kg

Parrot Maintenance pellets 350gm -
suitable diet for parrots all year round
Parrot Maintenance Pellets 2kg
Parrot Maintenance Pellets 10kg

Parrot Paradise Pellets 2kg -
completely balanced extruded pellet diet
Parrot Paradise Pellets 10kg

Red Factor Food 450gms -
for red canaries

South American Mix 350gms -
for Macaws, Conures and Amazons
South American Mix 10kg
South American Mix 2kg - $27.00

Superior Egg & Biscuit 350gm -
food suitable for all birds
Superior Egg and Biscuit 2kg
Superior Egg and Biscuit 10kg

Bird Medications

Vetafarm Bird Medications

Coccivet 50ml - treats Coccidiosis in birds
Coccivet 250ml

Probiotic 25gm -
establishes and maintains normal gut flora

Triple C 100gm -
antibiotic for Ornamental Birds
Triple C 500gm

Bird Parasite Control

Vetafarm Bird Parasite Control

Avian Insect Liquidator Ready To Use 500ml - lice control
Avian Insect Liquidator Concentrate 500ml

Coccivet 250ml -
treats Coccidiosis in birds

Bird Wormers

Vetafarm Bird Wormers

Wormout Gel 100mls - effective against Thread worm, Tape worm, Round worm, Caecal worm and Hook worm
Wormout Tablets 50's Vetafarm for Pigeons and Bantams

Bird Disinfectants & Cleaners

Vetafarm Bird Disinfectants & Cleaners

Avicare Concentrate 100mls - general all purpose cleaner & disinfectant
Avicare Concentrate 500ml
Avicare Concentrate 5 Litres

Aviclens 50ml -
keeps drinking water clean
Aviclens 250ml
Aviclens 500m
Avicare Ready to Use 500ml

Bird Hand Rearing Accessories

Vetafarm Bird Hand Rearing Accessories

Ezy Feeder with Spoon with Syringe Small - stainless steel spoon with syringe

Feeding spoon small -
spoon for handfeeding birds
Feeding spoon large

Reusable Feeding Syringe 10ml -
feeding and medication syringe
Reusable Feeding Syringe 20ml


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