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Bird Bands by Size - Bird Leg Size Guide - Personalised Leg Bands - 2mm - 2.3mm - 2.5mm - 2.7mm - 2.8mm - 2.9mm - 3mm - 3.3mm - 3.5mm - 4mm - 4.3mm - 4.5mm - 5mm - 5.5mm - 6mm - 6.4mm - 7mm - 7.5mm - 8mm - 8.7mm - 9mm - 9.5mm - 10mm - 11mm - 12mm - 12.7mm - 13mm - 14mm - 15mm - 16mm - 17mm - 18mm - 19mm - 20mm - 21mm - 22mm - 24mm - 26mm - 28mm

Bird Bands by Species - Budgerigar Leg Bands - Canary Leg Bands - Cockatiel Leg Bands - Finch Leg Bands - Lorikeet Leg Bands - Lovebird Leg Bands - Parrot Leg Bands - Pigeon Leg Bands - Poultry Leg Bands - Bat Leg Bands - Other Bird Leg Bands

Bird Bands by Type - Adjustable Leg Bands - Aluminium Leg Bands - Cable Ties - Closed Leg Bands - Coiled Leg Bands - Customised Leg Bands - Elastic Bands - Leg Flags - Numbered Leg Bands - Plain Plastic Leg Bands - RFID Microchip - Spiral Leg Bands - Stainless Steel Leg Bands - Striped Leg Bands - Year Leg Bands

Other Products - Leg Ring Cutter Scissors - Leg Banding Pliers - Bird Books & Magazines - Bird Aviaries & Cages - Vetafarm Products - Other Bird Supplies

Information - Bird Clubs - Bird Breeding Record - Leg Band Size Conversion Comparison - Leg Band application Instructions

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Bird and Pet products.


Bird Gift Ideas



Bird Cages - Australia


Bird Cages , Egg Incubators , Pet Supplies

Discounted items
Bird Supplies, Bird Cages, Egg Incubators, Pet Safety, Dog Supplies, Cat Supplies, Puppy Playpen, Automatic Pet Feeder, Pet Travel, Pet Health Supplies, Rabbit, Guinea Pig & Hamster Supplies, Pet Beds, Fish Supplies, Horse Supplies, Mice & Rat Supplies.


Bird & Pet Care - Australia


Buy Bird products online today. Low price and free shipping.

Bird Nutrition - Do your birds get enough vitamins?
Bird Lice - Are your birds scratching?
Bird Wormer - Have you wormed your birds this year?
Bird Food - Parrot hand rearing formula and Pellets.

Other Pet Supplies

Dog , Cat , Horse , Reptile , Fish , Small Pet , Pet Food

Pet food, flea & tick control, mite & lice control, wormers, joint care, dental, dietary supplements, training & behaviour, ear & eye, muscle & joint, shampoo & washes, skin & wound care, toys, accessories, grooming, disinfectants, water conditioners, antibiotics


Bird Food

Bird Dietary Supplements

Bird Food

Bird Medications

Bird Parasite Control

Bird Wormers

Bird Disinfectants & Cleaners

Bird Hand Rearing Accessories


DVDs - Australia


Bird DVD's

Life Of Birds - Attenborough Bird Identification Earthflight  
Life Of Birds Attenborough DVD Bird Identification DVD Earthflight DVD  
Splendour Of Australian Birds Guide To Britsh Birds    
Splendour Of Australian Birds DVD Guide To British Birds    


Pet Tags


Tags For Dogs and Cats

Dog And Cat Tags Personalised

Custom Identification Tags For Dogs and Cats

Design an ID tag with your pet's name and your contact details.

Personalised Identification Tags for Dogs and Cats.

Choose from aluminium, nickel, brass or stainless steel.
A huge variety of different materials, shapes and sizes to suit every type of dog or cat.
All tags are supplied with a strong split ring for attachment to your pet's collar.

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