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Bird Leg band size guide - Leg ring list

Guide for leg band sizes. Individual birds may require larger or smaller leg band sizes than listed.


Want to check your birds leg size?

Order a measuring caliper.

Calipers will help you to measure your birds leg size more accurately and are also useful for measuring the guage of other items.

Measure from 0 to 80mm (8cm)

Plastic Length 10.7cm.

Plastic Caliper
1 caliper - $2.50

(Free postage within Australia)


Bird List Leg Band
Size Guide
Finch - Australia  
Beautiful Firetail 2.5mm
Black-Throated Finch 2.5mm
Blue-faced Parrot-finch 2.5mm
Chestnut-Breasted Mannikin 2.5mm
Crimson Finch 2.5mm
Diamond Firetail, Diamond Sparrow 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Double-barred Finch 2mm
Gouldian Finch 2.5mm
Long-Tailed Finch 2.5mm
Masked Finch 2.5mm
Painted Finch 2.5mm
Pictorella Mannikin 2.5mm
Plum-Headed Finch 2.5mm
Red-Browed Finch 2mm
Red-Eared Firetail 2mm
Star Finch 2.5mm
Yellow-Rumped Mannikin 2.5mm
Zebra Finch 2.5mm
Finch - Foreign  
African Silverbill 2.5mm
Aurora Finch 2mm
Bamboo Parrotfinch 2mm
Bengalese Mannikin 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Black headed Munia, Black headed Nun 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Black headed Siskin  
Black rumped Waxbill  
Blue breasted Cordon Bleus 2mm
Blue headed Cordon Bleus 2mm
Chaffinch 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Cordon Bleu Waxbill 2mm
Cuban Finch 2mm
Cut throat Finch 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Dybowski's Twinspot  
Eurasian Siskin  
European Goldfinches 2.8mm - 2.9mm
European Greenfinches 2.8mm - 2.9mm
European Serin 2.5mm
European Siskin 2mm
Fire Finches, Ruddies 2mm
Golden Song Sparrow  
Green backed Twinspot  
Green Singing Finch, Mozambique green singer 2.5mm
Green Strawberry Finch, Green avadavat 2.5mm
Grey Singing Finch, Grey singer  
Hawfinch 4mm
Himalayan Greenfinch, yellow breasted greenfnch 3mm
Hooded Red Siskin, Venezuelan Red Siskin, Hooded Siskin 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Hooded Yellow Siskin, Yellow hooded siskin 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Jacarini Finch, Blue black grassquit 2.5mm
Java Finch, java sparrow 4mm
Javan Munia  
Large Green Singing Finches  
Lavender Waxbill, Lavender finch, Red tailed waxbill 2mm
Linnet, Eurasian Linnet  
Melba Finch, Melba waxbill 2mm
Mexican Rose Finch, house finch  
Orange breasted Waxbill 2mm
Orange cheeked Waxbill, red cheeked Waxbill 2mm
Oriental Greenfinch, Chinese Greenfinch  
Peale's Parrotfinch, Fiji Parrotfinch  
Peter's Twinspot  
Pin tailed Parrotfinch, Pintailed nonpareil  
Plain backed Sparrow  
Purple Finch 2mm
Purple Grenadier Waxbill  
Red billed Firefinch, Senegal firefinch  
Red cheeked Cordon Bleus 2mm
Red Crested Cardinal  
Red crested Finch  
Red faced Parrotfinch 2mm
Red headed Finch, Aberdeen  
Red headed Parrotfinch  
Redpoll Finch, Redpoll 2mm
Red Strawberry Finch, Red avadavat 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Rufous backed Mannikin, chestnut backed mannikin  
Small Green Singing Finches  
St. Helena Seedeater, yellow canary  
St. Helena Waxbill, St. Helena finch  
Saffron Finch 4mm
Silver headed Nun, White headed nun 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Spice Finch, Nutmeg Mannikin 2.5mm
Tri coloured Nun, Tri coloured munia 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Tri coloured Parrotfinch, Tanimbar parrotfinch  
Violet eared Waxbill 2.8mm - 2.9mm
White bellied Canary  
White bellied Munias  
White headed Munias  
White rumped Munia, Striated finch  
Yellowhammer 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Yellow Hooded Siskins  
Yellow rumped Serin, Southern Yellow rumped Seedeater  
Yellow rumped Siskin 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Border Fancy Canary 3mm
Gloster Fancy Canary 2.8mm - 2.9mm - 3mm
Lizard Canary 3mm
Red Factor Canary 3mm
Norwich Canary 3.5mm
Parisian Frill Canary 3.5mm
Roller Canary 3mm
Yorkshire Canary 3.5mm
Crest and Crestbred Canary 3.5mm
Fife Fancy Canary 2.8mm - 2.9mm - 3mm
Red headed Fody  
Blackbird 4.5mm
Crimson Chat  
Scarlet honeyeater  
Song Thrush  
Spotted Pardalote  
Superb Fairy Wren  
Variegated Fairy Wren  
White winged Fairy Wren  
Bar-shouldered Dove 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Chinese Owls 7mm

Weavers and Whydahs  
Comoro Weaver  
Grenadier Weaver  
Madagascar Weaver  
Napoleon Weaver 2.5mm
Orange Bishop Weaver 3mm
Paradise Whydahs  
Pin tailed Whydah  
Red shouldered Whydah  
Banded Lapwing 5.5mm
Bulbul 3mm
Magpie Robin  
Masked Lapwing  
Pekin Robin 4mm
Red Wattlebird  
Shama 4mm
Silver eared Mesia  
Splendid Fairy Wren  
White Fronted Chat  
Pigeon & Dove - Australia  
Brown Cuckoo-Dove 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Brush Bronzewing 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Chestnut-Quilled Rock-Pigeon  
Common Bronzewing 8mm
Crested Pigeon 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Diamond Dove 4mm
Emerald Dove 5.5mm - 6mm
Flock Bronzewing 8mm
Partridge Pigeon 8mm
Peaceful Dove 4.5mm
Pied Imperial-Pigeon 9.5mm
Rose-Crowned Fruit-Dove 5.5mm - 6mm
Spinifex Pigeon 4.5mm
Squatter Pigeon 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Superb Fruit-Dove 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Topknot Pigeon 9.5mm
Torresian Imperial Pigeon  
White-Headed Pigeon 9.5mm
White-Quilled Rock-Pigeon  
Wompoo Fruit-Dove  
Wonga Pigeon 9.5mm
Pigeon & Dove - Foreign  
Clean Leg Tumblers 8mm
Damascenes 8mm
Dragoons 8mm
English Carriers 10mm
English Trumpeters 12mm
Fantails 7mm
Giant Runts 12mm
Homing Pigeon, Racing Homers 8mm
Jacobins 8mm
King Pigeons 10mm
Mondaine Pigeons 10mm
Pomeranian Pouters 12mm
Ringneck Dove 6mm
Rollers 7mm
Show Racers 10mm
Swallows 12mm
Tipplers 6mm
Day old quail small 2.5
Two week old quail small 3mm
Black-breasted Button Quail  
Brown Quail 5.5mm - 6mm
Buff-breasted Button-quail  
Chestnut-backed Button-quail  
King Quail 4mm
Little Button-quail 4mm
Painted Button-quail M 4mm F 4.5mm
Red-backed Button-quail 4mm
Red-chested Button-quail 4mm
Stubble Quail 4.5mm
Quail - Foreign  
Bob White Quail 6mm
Californian Quail 6mm
Japanese Quail - Coturnix Quail 6.4mm - 7mm
Australasian Shoveler 9.5mm
Australian Shelduck 14mm
Australian Wood Duck 9.5mm
Black Swan 20mm
Blue-Billed Duck 11mm - 12mm
Cape Barren Goose 22mm
Chestnut Teal 8mm
Cotton Pygmy-Goose  
Eurasian Coot 9.5mm
Freckled Duck 11mm - 12mm
Green Pygmy-Goose 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Grey Teal 8mm
Hardhead 9.5mm
Magpie Goose 16mm
Mallard 12.7mm - 13mm
Muscovy 20mm
Pacific Black Duck 11mm - 12mm
Pink-Eared Duck 8mm
Plumed Whistling-Duck 9.5mm
Radjah Shelduck 11mm - 12mm
Wandering Whistling-Duck 11mm - 12mm
Game fowl  
Guinea Fowl 14mm
Mandarin Duck 8mm
Partridge 8mm
Peafowl Peahens Peacocks F 18mm, M 20mm
Ring neck Pheasant F 12mm, M 14mm
Small Geese 22mm
Medium Geese, Small Turkey 24mm
Medium Turkey 26mm
Large Geese, Large Turkey 28mm
Grey Headed Flying Fox - thumb 5.5mm
Black Flying Fox - thumb 5.5mm
Shrimp Eye Tags  
Shrimp - eyestalk 2mm
Black Tiger Prawns - eyestalk 4.5mm

Bird List Leg Band
Size Guide
Parrot - Australia  
Adelaide Rosella 7mm
Australian King Parrot 7mm
Australian Ringneck 6mm
Blue Bonnet 6mm
Blue-Winged Parrot 4mm - 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Bourke's Parrot 4mm - 4.3mm
Budgie, Budgerigar, Parakeet 4mm
Cloncurry Parrot 6mm
Cockatiel, Quarrion, Weiro 5.5mm
Cockatiel Mutations 6mm
Crimson Rosella 7mm
Double-Eyed Fig-Parrot 5.5mm - 6mm
Eastern Rosella 6mm
Eclectus Parrot, red sided 9.5mm - 10mm
Elegant Parrot 4mm - 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Galah 9.5mm
Gang-Gang Cockatoo 9.5mm - 10mm
Glossy Black-Cockatoo 12.7mm - 13mm
Golden-Shouldered Parrot 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Grass Parrot 4.5mm - 5mm
Green Rosella 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Hooded Parrot 4.3mm - 4.5mm
King Parrot 7.5mm
Little Corella - short billed 11mm
Little Lorikeet 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Long-Billed Black-Cockatoo 11mm - 12mm
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 11mm - 12mm
Mallee Ringneck 6mm
Mulga Parrot 6mm
Musk Lorikeet 6mm
Northern Rosella 6mm
Orange-bellied Parrot 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Pale-headed Rosella 6mm
Palm Cockatoo  
Port Lincoln Parrot 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Princess Parrot 6mm
Purple-Crowned Lorikeet 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Rainbow Lorikeet 7.5mm
Red-capped Parrot 5.5mm - 6mm
Red-collared Lorikeet 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Red-rumped Parrot 4.5mm - 5mm
Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo 12.7mm - 13mm
Red-Winged Parrot 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Regent Parrot 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Ringneck Parrot 6mm
Rock Parrot 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet 6mm
Scarlet-chested Parrot 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Short-Billed Black-Cockatoo  
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo 12.7mm - 13mm
Superb Parrot 7mm
Swift Parrot 5.5mm - 6mm
Turquoise Parrot 4mm - 4.3mm
Turquoisines 4mm - 4.3mm
28 Twenty-eight Parrot 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Varied Lorikeet 5.5mm - 6mm
Western Corella - Long-billed Corella 11mm - 12mm
Western Rosella 5.5mm - 6mm
White-Tailed Black-Cockatoo 12.7mm - 13mm
Yellow Rosella 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Yellow-Tailed Black-Cockatoo 12.7mm - 13mm
Parrot - Foreign  
African Grey Parrot 11mm - 12mm
African Lovebird 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Alexandrine Parrot 8.7mm
Amazon Parrot 9.5mm - 11mm
Black Capped Conure 6mm
Black headed Caique 8mm - 8.5mm - 9mm
Black Lory 8mm - 8.5mm - 9mm
Blue Cheeked Rosella 6mm
Blue Throated Conure 6mm
Caiques 8mm - 8.5mm - 9mm
Chattering Lory 8mm - 8.5mm - 9mm
Crimson Bellied Conure 6mm
Crimson Wings 7.5mm - 8mm
Dusky Lory 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Derbyan Parrot 8mm - 8.5mm - 9mm
Eclectus Parrot, New Guinea 11mm
Fig Parrot 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Green cheeked Conure 5.5mm - 6mm
Green naped Lory 6mm
Indian Ringneck 7.5mm
Kakariki yellow crowned 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Kakariki red crowned 6mm
Jandaya Conure 6mm
Fischer's Lovebird 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Malabar Parrot 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Maroon bellied Conure 6mm
Masked Lovebird 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Meyer's Parrot 8mm - 8.5mm - 9mm
Moustached Parrot 7.5mm - 8mm
Nanday Conure 6mm
Neophema 4mm - 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Nyasa Lovebird 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Peachfaced Lovebird 4.3mm - 4.5mm
Peach fronted Conure 6mm
Pearly Conure 6mm
Pionus Parrot 8mm - 8.5mm - 9mm
Plum headed Parrot 6mm
Quaker Parrot, Monk Parrot 6mm
Red Lory 7.5mm - 8mm
Red cheeked Parrot 5.5mm - 6mm
Sun Conure 6mm
Senegal Parrot 7.5mm - 8mm
Blue & Gold Macaw 12.7mm - 13mm
Green winged Macaw 14mm
Hahn's Macaw 7.5mm - 8mm
Hyacinth Macaw 16mm
Military Macaw 12.7mm - 13mm
Nobles Macaw 7.5mm - 8mm
Scarlet Macaw 12.7mm - 13mm

Poultry Bantam  
Day old bantam 5.5mm - 6mm
One month old bantam 8mm
Ancona F 8mm - M 9.5mm
Andalusian 11mm - 12mm
Araucana F 9.5mm - M 11mm
Australorp 11mm - 12mm
Belgian 11mm - 12mm
Booted 13mm - 14mm
Brahma 13mm - 14mm
Campine F 8mm - M 9.5mm
Cochin 13mm - 14mm
Cornish F 11mm - M 14mm
Feather Legged 13mm - 14mm
Frizzle Clean Legged 11mm - 12mm
Hamburgh F 9.5mm - M 11mm
Houdan F 9.5mm - M 11mm
Lakenvedler F 8mm - M 9.5mm
Langshan 13mm - 14mm
Leghorn 11mm - 12mm
Malay 11mm - 12mm
MilleFleur 13mm - 14mm
Minorca 11mm - 12mm
Modern Game F 8mm - M 9.5mm
New Hampshire 11mm - 12mm
Old English F 9.5mm - M 11mm
Orpington 11mm - 12mm
Plymouth Rock 11mm - 12mm
Polish 11mm - 12mm
Rhode Island Red F 9.5mm - M 11mm
Rosecomb F 9.5mm - M 11mm
Sebright 13mm - 14mm
Silkie 13mm - 14mm
Sultan F 9.5mm - M 11mm
Sumatra F 9.5mm - M 11mm
Sussex 11mm - 12mm
Wyandotte 11mm - 12mm

Poultry Standard  
Day old standard 6.4mm - 6.5mm
One month old standard 9.5mm
Two month old standard 12.7mm
Ancona F 16mm
Andalusian F 16mm M 18mm
Araucana F 16mm M 18mm
Australian Game  
Australorp F 18mm - M 22mm
Booted 16mm - 20mm
Brahma F 16mm M 20mm
Campine F 16mm
Cochin F 16mm M 20mm
Cornish F 16mm M 20mm
Dorking F 18mm - M 22mm
Feather Legged F 16mm M 20mm
Frizzle Clean Legged F 16mm M 18mm
Hamburgh F 16mm
Houdan F 16mm M 18mm
Isa Brown 14mm , 15mm
Lakenvedler F 16mm M 18mm
Langshan F 16mm M 20mm
Leghorn F 16mm M 18mm
Malay F 16mm M 18mm
MilleFleur 16mm
Minorca F 16mm M 18mm
Modern Game  
New Hampshire 20mm
Old English  
Orpington 20mm
Pekins 16mm
Pit Games  
Plymouth Rock F 18mm M 20mm
Polish F 16mm M 18mm
Rhode Island Red F 18mm M 22mm
Silkie 16mm
Sultan F 16mm M 18mm
Sumatra F 16mm M 18mm
Sussex 20mm
Wyandotte F 18mm M 20mm
Apostlebird 5.5mm
Australasian Figbird 5.5mm
Australian Brush Turkey 16mm
Australian Magpie 8mm
Australian White Ibis 14mm
Banded Lapwing 4.5mm
Banded Stilt 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Barn Owl 9.5mm - 11mm
Black-Faced Woodswallow 4mm
Black-Tailed Native-Hen 8mm
Black-Winged Stilt 5.5mm
Blue-Breasted Fairy-Wren 2mm
Blue-Faced Honeyeater 5.5mm
Blue-Winged Kookaburra 8mm
Buff-Banded Rail 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Bush Stone-Curlew 8mm
Cattle Egret 9.5mm
Chestnut Rail  
Crimson Chat 2mm
Dusky Woodswallow 4mm
Eastern Spinebill 2mm
Eastern Whipbird 4.5mm
Eastern Yellow Robin 2.5mm
Flame Robin 2mm
Glossy Ibis 11mm - 12mm
Golden Whistler 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Green Catbird 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Hooded Robin 2.5mm
Inland Dotterel 4mm
Laughing Kookaburra 8mm
Lewin's Honeyeater 4mm
Little Friarbird 4.5mm
Little Pied Cormorant 12.7mm - 13mm
Lovely Fairy-Wren 2mm
Masked Lapwing 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Metallic Starling 4mm
Mistletoebird 2mm
New Holland Honeyeater 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Noisy Friarbird 5.5mm
Noisy Minor 4.5mm
Noisy Pitta 4.5mm
Olive-Backed Oriole 4.5mm
Olive-Backed Sunbird 2mm
Orange Chat 2mm
Pheasant Coucal 9.5mm
Pied Heron 8mm
Pied Honeyeater 4mm
Purple Swamphen 14mm
Rainbow Bee-eater  
Rainbow Pitta 4mm
Red-Backed Fairy-Wren 2mm
Red-backed Kingfisher 4.5mm
Red-Capped Robin 2mm
Red-Winged Fairy-Wren 2mm
Regent Bowerbird 4.5mm
Sacred Kingfisher 4mm
Satin Bowerbird 6.4mm - 6.5mm
Scarlet Honeyeater 2mm
Scarlet Robin 2mm
Silvereye 2mm
Spiny-Cheeked Honeyeater 4mm
Splendid Fairy-Wren 2mm
Spotted Bowerbird 5.5mm
Straw-necked Ibis 14mm
Striated Grasswren 2.8mm - 2.9mm
Superb Fairy-Wren 2mm
Tawny Frogmouth 9.5mm
Thick-Billed Grasswren 4mm
Variegated Fairy-Wren 2mm
White-Browed Scrubwren 2.5mm
White-Browed Woodswallow 4mm
White-Cheeked Honeyeater 2.8mm - 2.9mm
White-Faced Heron 9.5mm
White-Fronted Chat 2mm
White-Plumed Honeyeater 2.5mm
White-Winged Chough 8mm
White-Winged Fairy-Wren 2mm
Yellow-Billed Spoonbill 16mm
Yellow-rumped Thornbill 2mm
Yellow-Throated Scrubwren 2.5mm
Yellow-Tufted Honeyeater 4mm


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Bird Leg Ring Cutter Scissors


Gift idea for bird keepers.

Bird Leg Band Cutter Scissors.

Remove unwanted closed aluminium and closed plastic leg bands.
A good tool to have available for the removal of Closed aluminium and plastic bird leg rings.

Suggestions on how to removed closed leg bands.
Be careful, bird legs can easily be broken. It can help to have someone else hold the bird, while another concentrates on safely removing the band with two free hands.
Create room for the cutter to grip the band by holding the band away from the leg.
Use a smooth action without twisting the band against the leg. Cut one side of the band, then turn the band to make a second cut on the opposite side of the band.

Bird Leg Band Cutter Scissors
1 cutter scissor - $14.90

(Free postage within Australia)

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