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Water Nipple Valves


Water valves


Don't waste your time refilling and cleaning water containers.
Set up an automatic aviary water system.

Threaded water nipples 11/32 inch (8.73mm) screw in.
360 degree stainless steel nipple head.
Red plastic casing that can be taken apart for cleaning if required.
These valves operate in a vertical position pointing to the ground.

Nipple valves are used to deliver clean water whenever they are pecked and to save time spent on having to clean and refill dirty water containers the old fashion way.
Nipple valves can be used in a PVC pipe watering system or attached to the bottom of a plastic water container such as a bucket.
The valves operate at a low pressure of less that 5.5 psi and are perfect for a gravity water system. Using house tap water pressure requires a water pressure regulator.

To use the valves drill a 11/32 inch (8.73mm) hole in your PVC pipe or a 5/16 inch (7.94mm) hole for a tighter fit if using a plastic water container.
Screw the nipple valve into the hole.
Use plumbers thread tape if you find that the seal leaks.
Three chickens can share one valve and it is a good idea to use more than one valve per cage.
If using on a water container such as a bucket, hang the bucket up so that the chickens can walk under it and reach up to peck at the valves.

Do not completely seal container with a lid as this will create a vacuum, stopping water flow.

Watch to make sure that the birds don't go thirsty while they learn how your new set up works.
Refill the water supply as required.

Water Nipple Valves
5 water nipples - $4.95
10 water nipples - $9.50
20 water nipples - $17.95

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Personalised Bands


Personalised Bird Rings

More sizes to choose from.
More colours to choose from.

Numbers, Initials, Name, Year etc.

Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Plastic rings.
Open or Closed rings.

Order custom rings




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