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2.3mm Bird Leg Bands / Leg Rings

2.3mm Leg Bands
Plastic Open Split
Set of 10
10 leg bands - $3.95
What colour do you want?

Open split leg rings.

Bird Leg Bands with Leg Ring Applicator Tool included.
2.3mm Small Finch Rings.

2.3mm Plastic Open Split Leg Bands. Leg Hole Diameter: Approx 2.3mm. Height: Approx 4mm.

Suggested size for small sized finches and similar sized birds.

14 Colours to choose from. (sets of 10 per colour)
Orange, Light Green, Mid Green, Turquoise, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Lilac, Purple, Brown, Grey, Black, White.


RFID Microchip Leg Band
Plastic Open Split
1 leg band - $5.95
What Size Do You Want?

What Colour Do You Want?

Open Split leg rings.

RFID Microchip plastic bird leg bands.
Microchipped leg band.

EM4102 125 KHz radio frequency identification rings.
Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tag identification number built into the band that can be scanned with a 125 KHz reader.

For visual identification a separate ring can also be put on the other leg in a different colour or with numbers.

2.3mm Plastic Open Split Leg Bands. Leg Hole Diameter: 2.3mm. Height: 8mm.
2.6mm Plastic Open Split Leg Bands. Leg Hole Diameter: 2.6mm. Height: 8mm.
3.3mm Plastic Open Split Leg Bands. Leg Hole Diameter: 3.3mm. Height: 8mm.
4.3mm Plastic Open Split Leg Bands. Leg Hole Diameter: 4.3mm. Height: 8mm.

Sizes and Colours to choose from.
2.3mm - Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Purple, Grey, Black, White.
2.6mm - Green, Cyan, Purple, Grey, Black, White.
3.3mm - Grey, Black.
4.3mm - Red, Yellow, Grey, Black.


2.3mm Split Leg Bands (Unopened)
Aluminium Coloured
Numbered 01 to 10
10 leg bands - $9.95
What colour do you want?

Split leg rings. (Unopened)

2.3mm Aluminium "Butt End Bands" Bird Leg Bands.
Numbered 01 to 10 with contrast print.

Size 2.3mm.

Colours to choose from.
Orange, Blue, Red, Black, Green, Violet, Silver.

These bands have been split but are supplied closed.
The bands can either be put on baby birds the same as closed bands or be opened with long nose pliers to put on older birds.


Closed Leg Rings


2.3mm Closed Leg Bands
Aluminium Coloured
Numbered 01 to 10
10 leg bands - $9.95
What colour do you want?
Blue or Red

Closed leg rings.

2.3mm Closed Aluminium Bird Leg Bands.
Numbered 01 to 10.

Size 2.3mm.

Colours to choose from.
Blue, Red.


Closed Leg Bands
Aluminium Coloured
Mixed Colours
10 leg bands - $8.95
What size do you want?

Closed leg rings.

Aluminium "Wedding Bands" Bird Leg Bands.

Size Choices. 2.3mm, 2.5mm.

Mixed Colours.
Some colours are not available in all sizes but as many colours as possible will be included.
Example colours. Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Brown, Gold, Copper, Grey, Black.

Personalised Bands


Order custom rings

Personalised Bird Rings

More sizes to choose from.
More colours to choose from.

Numbers, Initials, Name, Year etc.

Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Plastic rings.
Open or Closed rings.



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